Sunday, April 24, 2011

Woman's Aura of Glamour

Most people, the first luxury consumption is a bag. Someone said: "the bag is woman lovest gift." At the mention of luxury, maybe we will flash in mind, costly, or even to all dare not to think.

The reason from a woman why she has a lots of handbags came like this; we have so many bags, is for all the different outfits we wear, trying to impress you men, so dont complain, it makes us look good, for you! there's ya answer, we do it to impress men, so buy us more".

When discussing about something as subjective as fashion (and fashion purchases), you can't reasonably expect a logical reason. Like someone said "to make a statement comes to mind". Yes, a woman who wears Gucci or Chanel boots does come out of the crowd. There is a feeling a self confidence radiating of her.

So, who wouldn't want to have that same "aura" of glamour?

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